Cultural diversity in Rosegg

Gallery Šikoronja

The Šikoronja Gallery in Rosegg is already 35 years old this year: the anniversary of a permanent cultural hospitality and border crossing.

This house carries everything within it: the river, the alluvial forests, the Karawanken, the drifting clouds, the borders, the history, the transformations of the people. Everything that has ever touched the house is stored. For more than three decades, it has also been above all art.

From 01 to 31 August 2011, the exhibition of the paintings created in the summer painting school with the artist Günther Schifko took place. The paintings could be viewed during opening hours at the Rosegg municipal office.

From 03 February 2011 until 31 March 2011, the exhibition of the Painting school with the artist Günter Schifko of the pictures that were created. The pictures could be viewed during opening hours at the market town office in Rosegg.

The presentation of the paintings from the painting school with Günter Schifko in 2011 took place on 24 February 2011 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the market town hall in Rosegg.

The Rosegg painting school with Günter Schiffko has meanwhile established itself as a fixed date for creative Rosegg citizens and has been held in Rosegg since 1999.

Once or twice a year, the artist Schifko comes to Rosegg and shares valuable tips and tricks of his painting. He introduces the participants to new painting techniques, or he helps to refresh already acquired knowledge.

The painting school lasted 6 days and was limited to a maximum of 8 participants per day. Paintings of landscapes and cities, flowers, modernity and nudes were created.

Artistic director of the painting school: Günter Schifko
Organisation: Ulrike Kirchenmeier, Inselweg 9, 9232 Duel
Info & contact: Mrs. Ulrike Kirchenmeier, Tel.: 04274/50539

Anyone can take part in the painting course and new participants are also very welcome!

Participants of the painting school 2011: 20 people from Rosegg and surroundings
Brigitte Likar, Annemarie Ruppnig, Renate Götz, Brigitte Fugger, Ulrike Kirchmeier, Rosalia Zettel, Alois Simtschitsch, Karl Kopeinig, Robert Hanze, Rosalia Troller, Josefine Seidl, Franz König, Elvira Mikula, Josefine Bartl, Hermine Reiner, Sunny Kowatsch, Kerstin Jerotschitsch, Laura del negro, Werner Smretschnig, Maria Schober

From 5 to 31 January 2011, the exhibition stīll, with willow sculptures, texts and pictures by Claudia Samitz, took place in the market town hall in Rosegg.
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If you, as a citizen of Rosegger, are interested in using the premises of the municipal office to express your creativity and present your works (pictures, sculptures, photos, ...) to the public, please contact the municipal office (Tel. No.: 04274/2712) or send an e-mail: